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Corporate governance is a significant challenge faced by executives in today’s business environment. Factors such as societal changes, new business models, globalization, and economic shifts make it difficult for boards to implement effective governance practices.

Board effectiveness is crucial for the success of any organization. Through our training, directors learn about their roles and responsibilities, improve their decision-making skills, and lead the organization with confidence and clarity.

These courses cover a wide range of topics including:

  • The roles and responsibilities of board members, including fiduciary responsibilities and legal obligations.
  • Strategic planning and goal setting for the organization.
  • Governance best practices and how to ensure that the board is following them.
  • Board diversity and inclusion, including how to ensure that the board is representative of the organization’s stakeholders.
  • Board engagement and communication, including how to effectively communicate with the organization’s staff and stakeholders.
  • Fundraising and resource development for the organization.
  • Risk management and crisis management.
  • Evaluation and performance measurement for the organization.
  • Leadership development for board members.
  • Building strong board-staff relationships.