We Transform. We Motivate. We Grow

Teams That Win Consultants Limited is a Management Consulting firm with offices in Nairobi, Mombasa & Kampala. We help organizations get their strategy, structure, and talent aligned. We assist top executives to make better decisions, and convert those decisions to actions, and deliver the sustainable success they desire.

Through our team of skilled consultants, we offer consultancy in 6 main areas; Strategy, Management, Finance, Operations, ICT & HR. Our cutting-edge training & development programs target members of staff as well as Board members challenging their growth & creativity.


Founded in 2010, Teams That Win is a comprehensive Management Consulting firm

Our Values

Integrity. Stewardship. Teamwork & Service

We take pride in our ability to realize the best personal outcomes in people and organizations, so we endeavor to maintain the quality and excellence of services we provide. Values that inform our approach to service delivery include:

  • Integrity
  • Stewardship
  • Teamwork
  • Service

Why We Exist

Provoke individuals to push boundaries

We believe that a God-given potential exists in every person and needs to be stirred into action.

We have taken up the responsibility to provoke individuals to push their boundaries, break barriers, overcome limitations, and adopt the best attitude.

The experiential education we provide enables us to ensure our clients experience continuous winning by achieving their objectives.

What makes us unique

Our Approach

Advance knowledge and skill sets

We have prepared programs that advance the knowledge and skill sets our clients possess and enhance their motivation to improve their performance.

We offer personalized services, which focus on our comprehension of your business and products.

Our main agenda is to understand the challenges our clients face. The understanding enables us to use their business priorities to tailor our training programs to meet their specific needs.

Areas of focus in our training and development programs include personal effectiveness, soft and technical skills development, and management development.

Our service delivery approach targets three main areas:

  • Improving awareness levels at both individual and group level
  • Increasing skill levels in the areas of expertise our clients possess
  • Facilitating better motivation for the desired performance

Our services incorporate design, delivery, assessment, evaluation, and motivation to enable our clients to realize the following outcomes:

  • Improve personal and team performance
  • Achieve your growth targets
  • Improve customer acquisition strategies
  • Facilitate customer retention
  • Implement appropriate customer relation techniques
  • Realization of strategic objectives